Friday, May 21, 2010

The past few weeks.

So I have been slacking on my posts. I apologize for not getting these done more often, but between work, and happenings while I am home and actually having to go through the images that I have taken leaves me very little free time. Since my last post I have gone out on two different trips. The first trip I was out for about a week and half, or maybe two weeks primarily in Texas. The second trip was down to Atlanta, and then up to the Outer Banks in North Carolina and then home.

My first trip of the two. I flew out to San Antonio, and drove up to Odessa, and then back to San Antonio, then to the southern tip of Texas, then to a town just south of Houston, from there we went east to Louisiana and went to a couple of towns there, then all the way back to San Antonio. We then went to a tower in Texarkana and finally got to go home. UGH! It was a lot of driving... The first week out we ended up clocking 45 hours just traveling and another 30 hours actually doing service.

My second trip consisted of driving to Atlanta, and going to four locations near the Atlanta metro area, we then went up to Augusta, then drove north to eastern central North Carolina, and over to The Outer Banks area, then just north east of Charlotte and from there we went home. So needless to say I have a lot of photos I am posting and nothing too exciting to talk about. I have however discovered that people have a lot of questions concerning my work and different tower myths. So from here on out I am going to take questions and try to answer 5-10 questions on my next few posts. I hope you enjoy the new photos and I hope to hear your questions in the coming days and weeks.

 Somewhere in between San Antonio and Odessa, TX.

So when you are 2,000 feet in the air you aren't looking up at the clouds, you are eye level with them. These clouds combined with the sunlight kept on surprising me with all the rays of light shooting through. This tower is in Devers, TX.

The ground complete with cows, and yellow wildflowers.

Above the clouds you have a beautiful blue sky!

Self portrait at 2,000 feet. Still in Devers, TX.

This is a type of lightning protection. If you look closely you can see where lightning has struck and fused some of the bristles together.

I always thought the only way to look down on the clouds was from an airplane or helicopter. Guess I was wrong..

An old T.V. antenna. This was taken down after the switch to digital antenna's. This tower is in eastern central Louisiana right on the Mississippi state line.

The Alamo!!

A couple of huge Koi fish that were swimming around in this little pool at the Alamo.

The door to the Alamo Library. I think this was standard equipment back in the day.

From the bottom of a tower that is located about a half hour northwest of San Antonio. If I ever moved to Texas, this is where I would want to go. It is very pretty there.

I would not want this little guy to come after me. He just looks mean!

An old car and truck we found while killing time at the tower site.

This is on top of a 24 story building in Atlanta. We were called out to change the light on top of the structure. There was only one problem, the architect designed it with no ladder to climb it, and it is 70 feet tall. We tried for three hours to figure out a way to get up it, but in the end we had to walk away.


I just love the textures and lines. 

I just thought it was nice the way the wind was blowing the grass in the fields around and this is my attempt at capturing it.

A couple of old spools of cable from when they built the tower.

I am constantly looking at new textures, and I love the way the light falls on the tree and vines.

For some reason I have always been intrigued by the lines in a corn field.

Old house in central North Carolina. I would like to go back one day! There are old homes and barns like this everywhere!

Ahhh.. The beach.. Nags Head NC.

I was really wanting to go surfing, but the water was as flat as a pancake..

Sunrise!! Went to the beach at 5:30 in the morning for this shot.. Stayed out till midnight the night before.

I love clouds.. They really do some amazing things sometimes.

I found a new friend... Until I turned my back and he disappeared.

This is from a tower near Powell's Point, NC. I could see all the way out past the Outer Banks!

Hope you enjoy them and I am ready to hear all the questions you guys have for me!

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